Permanent Hemorrhoid Relief
Having hemorrhoids is an embarrassing condition that can be uncomfortable to discuss and difficult to treat successfully. Once you have received a hemorrhoid diagnosis, you will want to know what to do to make sure they never return. You may find yourself wonderinf if it is even possible to fight off hemorrhoids forever? Most doctors assure us that, the right diet, with the right tools, and the right attitude, we can win the battle against hemorrhoids.

Prevention is Best Cure

Although receiving a hemorrhoid diagnosis may be shocking to many people, the truth is that there are many things a person can do to prevent hemorrhoid onset. Relatively rare in certain countries, hemorrhoids has become increasingly common condition in the United States and other developed countries? Many cultural factors and aspects of our lifestyle may make certain people more vulnerable to hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids seem to run in your family, it is especially important that you avoid certain lifestyle factors that can contribute to the onset of hemorrhoids.

Work Lifestyles that Contribute to Hemorrhoids

Risk factors for the development of hemorrhoids include lifestyle and work factors. For example, professions such as waitressing and retail work that require a person to spend long hours on their feet have been shown to increase vulnerability to hemorrhoids. Workers who do a lot of heavy lifting have an increased chance of developing hemorrhoids. If you work in a profession that requires frequent heavy lifting or long hours standing, and if you suspect or know that hemorrhoids run in your family, it is especially important that you follow a modern healthy, fiber-rich diet, and avoid gaining excess weight.

Diet and Exercise are Key to Fending Off Hemorrhoids

A healthy diet is imperative if you are dedicated to fending off hemorrhoids forever. Fiber supplements are recommended by many doctors, especially if you are prone to constipation. Bioflavonoids have been singled out as crucial nutrients in helping keep your body hemorrhoid-free. Bioflavanoids also treat the most common hemorrhoid symptoms if you do happen to become afflicted with them. Consuming plenty of liquids, particularly water is also an important part of a healthy, anti-hemorrhoid diet. Exercise is another factor in keeping your body hemorrhoids-free. Exercising helps you keep off excess weight, thereby helping keep pressure off of your veins.

Exercise Good Bathroom Habits

One of the most important and often-overlooked factors in permanently fending off hemorrhoids has to do with one's bathroom habits. It is crucial that you never strain during a bowel movement, as this increases pressure on rectal veins. Additionally, one should never hold a bowel movement. Waiting to pass stool can make it harder to pass, and therefore damaging to veins. One should also keep from spending too much time sitting on the toilet. During bouts with severe constipation it may be tempting, but you should always resist the urge to linger on the toilet as the pressure from sitting in this position can be very damaging to your veins.