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Look good, feel great.  That's what working out is all about.  But all too often, people invest time and money into fitness clubs and equipment that leave them feeling cheated.  If you've ever felt as though your workout just isn't working out, maybe you should try the Pilates Method.

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates in 1921, the Pilates Method has continually snowballed in popularity and support.  People of all ages and abilities choose the Pilates Method for it's practical and positive approach to physical fitness.

There are some fundamental skills that you must learn before taking part in Pilates.  Elements like concentration, centering, movement and even how you breathe are all important to the method's success.  You can try to learn by reading books from the library or articles on the Internet, or you may be able to find a certified Pilates class at your local fitness centre.  Another option is to purchase Pilates workout tapes.

New Pilates workout tapes are easy to find and purchase online, and far more reasonably priced than taking Pilates lessons.  Buying and watching the tapes allows you to sample different types of the Method much more easily than you otherwise could.

Here are a few suggested Pilates workout tapes to get you started in your search for wellness through Pilates:

Method Cardio Flex Band Workout
As one of the most popular Method Pilates workout tapes, the Cardio Flex Band combines upper and lower body workouts with great music like salsa and mambo.  This is a total body workout that focuses on the cardio and body toning.  Reviewers suggest that the video features a number of energy-filled sections to keep your body moving throughout the entire program.

Method Core Ball Workout
Another well-known product in the line of Method Pilates workout tapes, the exercises featured in this video promise to condition the core of your body.   The "core" is the center of your body, where the center of gravity is located and where all movements begin.  These exercises are perfect for working your upper body, lower body, abs and core, while focusing on breathing and inner strength.  In this particular Pilates workout tape, an 8-pound core ball is used throughout three sections of exercises.  There is also a bonus "Ab Blast" section.  The video helps you feel great, strengthen your core and obtain the results you have been looking for.

A.M. and P.M. Pilates Mat Workouts
This two-part fitness video is deemed perfect for those who love to start the day with an invigorating workout, and end the day at a more relaxing pace.  Part One gets you going in the morning with a daily dose of Method Pilates exercises, in the form of a 25 minute long, low-impact Pilates mat workout.   In the evening, pop in Part Two for the evening session, perfect for helping you to unwind your tense muscles and settle your nervous system at the end of the day.

These are just a sample of the Pilates workout tapes that are widely available on the market these days.  Whether you are new to the Pilates Method, or you've been practicing for years, the exercises on these tapes can help you be on your way to a stronger, sleeker and more flexible body.
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