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large stone statue dry and cracked Increasing technology and medical procedures have given the world new and improved methods of cosmetic surgery. This field of medicine has been expanded to meet the needs of aging women as well as men. If you are not happy with your appearance, you may consider one of these surgeries to make the right changes for you. Being educated about what is available is an important step in making a decision regarding having cosmetic surgery. For those evaluating their options, one of the possibilities is Botox. While Botox is not a permanent cosmetic surgery, it offers a solution for those coping with an aging face.

Botox is a method used to remove wrinkles found in the face and neck. In the cosmetic surgery field, over the past decade, it has increased in popularity. Botox is a natural protein that is produced by a bacterium, botulinum toxin A. Botox will remove wrinkles, strain lines, and other skin problems associated with wrinkling. Botox can effectively treat all areas of the face. It was first used for either vertical or horizontal forehead lines. It has also been used to remove crow’s-feet that appear at the sides of the eyes. Recently, Botox has also been proven effective in removing lines that found around the lip area, chin, and neck. Botox treatments can be administered to any or all of these areas in the course of the same visit.

Botox is known to help relieve contracting muscles in the face and neck area that are usually the cause of wrinkles that form here. Botox is injected in small quantities into the wrinkle-affected area. The injection is painless and the results from Botox are usually observed in about three days. However, Botox as a cosmetic surgery is temporary and the effects generally will begin to disappear after about four months. You will need to have Botox readministered about every four months. With your doctor's approval, this can be repeated as many times as you desire.

Botox, despite its effectiveness, is not a substitute for other, more permanent cosmetic surgeries. Because its results are temporary and it does not permanently alter the face, it is often considered to be a separate cosmetic surgery. It is also not effective in treating anything other than the facial wrinkles. Undereye bags and drooping eyelids are considered to be a separate issue and require a different surgery.

Botox is a new procedure growing in popularity for those who want to combat facial lines. With Botox, one is able to alter the wrinkles that appear around their eyes, lips, neck, or forehead area. If you are considering Botox, it is best to become educated about the procedure and the possible side affects. Being aware of how Botox works is an important step in making the determination if it is a procedure that you will find worthwhile. If you are looking for a fast alternative just prior to a special event, Botox might be the solution for you.
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